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Introduction to Telepractice

Telepractice (AKA telemedicine, teletherapy, telehealth, telespeech, telerehabiliation, virtual speech therapy) is the delivery of health services via a telecommunications system. This service model is becoming increasingly more popular in the fields of speech-language pathology and audiology. Large factors that have driven the use of telepractice are reducing travel time for the client and/or professional and … Continue reading Introduction to Telepractice

5 Tips for Communicating with Students who Stutter

  School is finally back in session! With every new school year come new stresses, expectations, and faces. In speaking to a few teacher colleagues and friends, it’s become apparent that teachers are often not taught how to communicate with students with disabilities, particularly students who stutter. Without this knowledge, both students and teachers are … Continue reading 5 Tips for Communicating with Students who Stutter