“Our son has been receiving services for stuttering at Liberty Speech Associates since he was 3 years old.  Courtney always takes the time to figure out our son’s personality, which changes due to mood, and adapts a therapy strategy to reach the goal.  She is successful in keeping our son enthusiastic during sessions, while keeping it fun.  Since he sees it as a positive experience, he looks forward to every session.  From the time of his initial assessment, to today, Courtney has always educated us on our son’s challenges and advises us on actions we can take to improve our son’s overall speech.  We are grateful to see our son’s improvement and development.  We are additionally reassured of this when we receive continuous comments from family, friends, and teachers on his progress.  We are extremely thankful we found such a wonderful place and such an outstanding therapist.”

- Goncalo and Aline – Kearny, NJ


“When my son Ezekiel was 3 years old, he was diagnosed with severe speech delay by Courtney. Since Ezekiel started his speech therapy I have noticed a great amount of improvement in his speech; now family members and friends can understand him in both English and in Portuguese. Courtney has become an important person in Ezekiel’s life. What I like the most about her is that she is good at communicating Ezekiel’s progress and has given me several ideas to help Ezekiel at home. She is an excellent professional. She always returns my phone calls and has been very patient answering all of my questions. Our family is very happy and grateful to have her making a difference in our son’s life. Thank you Courtney for the wonderful job you have done with Ezekiel. God Bless You!”

- Roseli – Hillside, NJ


“Our 3 year old son, Ryan had seen his fair share of speech therapists through the Early Intervention System, but it was not until he started working with Courtney Caruso that he began to speak in full sentences.  “Miss Courtney” visited Ryan at his daycare once a week and he looked forward to it! Courtney made it fun for him, eliminated any pressure, and became his friend.  She consistently communicated his progress to us and was always more than willing to discuss his progress, techniques/exercises to practice at home that centered on Ryan’s interests.  Even though Ryan is now in public preschool, Courtney still keeps in touch with us and notifies us of nearby events that may benefit Ryan.  Ryan still asks for her.  We were so blessed to have such a caring, kind professional work with our son at such a critical time.  Thank you, Courtney!”

- Tara – Belleville, NJ


“A mother will do anything for her child, and when her child is not capable of expressing emotions or demanding what they need with words, life can become challenging. Patience, perseverance, caring, consistency, determination, support, empathy, faith, and love can certainly make a difference. My child, who couldn’t say a word at the age of 2, found that and much more with the assistance of Courtney Caruso. Courtney is a perfect example to follow and a breath of fresh air when everything else seems almost impossible. Today my son is almost six years old and attempts to correct me when I speak. I am so proud of my baby boy! Thank you Courtney!!”

- Elisabeth – Kearny, NJ


“I cannot say enough about our positive experience with Courtney Caruso!  When our daughter Gabby turned 2 years old, she could only say a handful of words.  It was clear that Gabby understood what we were saying, however she could not express herself verbally – she became so frustrated from not being able to speak that she would pull her own hair out.  When we first met with Courtney, she was very warm, professional, and clearly very experienced in speech language pathology with children.  She taught Gabby a few words in sign language, which helped her to build confidence and learn how to start communicating while Courtney helped her to develop her language skills. I was consistently impressed at how attentive Courtney was with Gabby – she knew Gabby’s favorite toys, what made her laugh, and what techniques were most effective at helping to develop her language skills.  When I had questions (and there were many!), Courtney always took the time to explain answers and would often come to Gabby’s next session with even additional responses and information that she researched on her own.  It is evident that Courtney is passionate about helping children to develop their speech, and I feel so fortunate that we had the opportunity to work with someone so caring and effective during a very challenging time.  With Courtney’s help, Gabby progressed very quickly and had actually caught up to her age appropriate speech level right before her third birthday – this was completely amazing to us, considering she could not even say yes or no 8 months prior!  Today, at 4 1/2 years old, Gabby is a confident, happy, and very talkative child – and we will be forever grateful and thankful to Courtney for all she did for her!!!”

- Christine – Clifton, NJ


“My daughter is almost 5 years old and I know that her speech would not be the way it is now if it wasn’t for Courtney.  She was always professional and would go above and beyond the requirements.  I remember in the beginning Mariana being afraid of stuffed animals that are battery operated and little by little Courtney was able to get her to no longer be afraid. That is just one of the examples of how she would go the extra mile.  She is super attentive and a great speech pathologist. I work at a daycare and I told the director about how amazing she is and now she is the speech pathologist we recommend to the parents. I highly recommend the services that Courtney offers to anyone that wants their child to get the best from a speech therapist.”

- Carla – Kearny, NJ


“It is with great honor and pleasure that I highly recommend Courtney Caruso as a Speech Therapist. I have known Courtney for the last 2 years and she has been an exceptional asset with my daughter. As my daughter’s speech therapist she was always willing to go above and beyond, while at the same time always compassionate and patient to her needs.  Courtney’s expertise in the field of speech therapy is exceptional.”

- Mickalena – Nutley, NJ


“Our experience with Courtney Caruso from Liberty Speech Associates has been an extremely positive one.  Before speech therapy, I found myself interpreting for my four year old son, Tyler.  We began using a speech therapist in April 2013 and in the last six months we have noticed immense changes.  Tyler’s vocabulary has doubled since working with Courtney; his behavior at school and home has improved since he has started talking.  Tyler was becoming a bit aggressive with his friends because of his lack of verbal communication.  Tyler has gained confidence and now feels more comfortable using his words to communicate his feelings.  Courtney went above and beyond to try to work with my child on his level and always kept me updated on his progress, as well as his challenges throughout the program.  Courtney clearly loves what she does and is dedicated to making every child feel special and valued.  Tyler enjoys every moment with Courtney.  Courtney discovered new ways to keep his attention and he responded very well to her creativity.  In this field, there are therapists who rise above the norm, and Courtney has proven to be in this category.  We can always count on her to be kind, understanding, and willing to meet Tyler’s needs at any cost.  Her ambition and compassion has ignited Tyler to maximize his full potential.  I feel so blessed to have met Courtney and I am extremely optimistic that Tyler will continue to improve and grow with her guidance and expertise.”

- Dianna – Kearny, NJ