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At Liberty Speech Associates LLC, we provide English and Spanish speech therapy and language treatment in person and online.

Liberty Speech Associates LLC provides at-home and online speech therapy and language treatment to children and adults in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Sessions can be held in your home,  office, and even at the computer.  The options are endless and based on your preferences and needs.  We want our clients to practice their communication skills in the locations they are most comfortable and with their family and friends there to support them.

Pediatric specializations: developmental language disorders, “late talkers,” bilingualism, routines-based intervention, early intervention, and parent coaching

Adult specializations: aphasia, the Life Participation Approach, caregiver training, and bilingualism


Google Reviews

  • review rating 5  I have had the great pleasure of working with Courtney. She is well versed on all aspects of communication delays and related disorders. Courtney has the ability to make her sessions fun and informative at the same time. The quality of service provided by Courtney surpasses any level of expectation one might have. I consider Courtney to be an expert in this field and have consulted with her many times. It is evident that Courtney enjoys her work and has a true passion for speech pathology.

    thumb Erin Fallon
  • review rating 5  Courtney Caruso really cares about her clients. She adapts herself to her client's wants and needs. It's because of her knowledge and expertise that daughter is now able to communicate as well as she can. I will always be grateful for her.

    thumb Ann Monesmith
  • review rating 5  Mrs. Caruso is a former classmate of mine whom I called upon to speak at our high school's annual Academic Excellence ceremony, which honors the top academic achievers in our school of over 1800 students. She gave a phenomenal speech about the role that academic excellence has played in her own life, and truly grabbed the students' attention when speaking about what hard work, dedication and drive can do for one's future career prospects. Her resume is truly amazing, and everyone including our Superintendent was absolutely impressed by what Mrs. Caruso has achieved professionally in such a short time span. I say with certainty that she loves what she does and has a true calling for helping children and families. She is well-versed in her field and it is clear that she is always seeking opportunities for expanding her scope of knowledge to better serve clients. She is a wonderful person and I would most certainly recommend her services to all!

    thumb Dorian Fasciano
  • review rating 5  Courtney worked with my twins in early intervention. When she first started with my kids they were barely saying any words and would have complete meltdowns because they couldn't communicate what they wanted. After 6 months of working with my children they are now talking non stop, saying 3 and 4 word phrases and even complete sentences. I have Courtney to thank for this. She is great! She is compassionate, caring, patient and my kids love her. They would get excited when she was coming. She would sit with them and do puzzles and read books and teach them something different every session. We were sad to have to say goodbye but grateful that because of her they no longer need speech therapy.

    thumb marla rodriguez
  • review rating 5  Mrs. Caruso has been working with my son for about 5 months now. She is very polite, down to earth, kid friendly and every thing you would hope and wish for as a speech pathologist. My son gets very excited for his sessions every week. From the time she walks through the door to the time she leaves, it's all business. I love that she incorporates his toys and every day things into speech. Mrs. Caruso also lets me stay in the same room for the session so I know how to help my son when she isn't present. She has helped my son so much in these 5 months.

    thumb Katelyn Clark

If any of the below statements describe you…
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My child stutters.

My child is a late talker.

My child doesn’t respond to me.

My child is difficult to understand.

My child has trouble speaking to others.

My child has trouble forming sentences.

I am forgetful.

I have trouble speaking in public.

I sometimes can’t find the words.

People say they can’t understand me.

Courtney Caruso, M.S., CCC-SLP

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