Our speech-language pathologists come to you

At Liberty Speech Associates LLC, we provide English and Spanish speech therapy and language treatment in person and online.

Liberty Speech Associates LLC provides at-home and online speech therapy and language treatment to children and adults in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Sessions can be held in your home,  office, and even at the computer.  The options are endless and based on your preferences and needs.  We want our clients to practice their communication skills in the locations they are most comfortable and with their family and friends there to support them.

Pediatric specializations: developmental language disorders, “late talkers,” bilingualism, routines-based intervention, early intervention, and parent coaching

Adult specializations: aphasia, the Life Participation Approach, caregiver training, and bilingualism

If any of the below statements describe you…
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My child stutters.

My child is a late talker.

My child doesn’t respond to me.

My child is difficult to understand.

My child has trouble speaking to others.

My child has trouble forming sentences.

I am forgetful.

I have trouble speaking in public.

I sometimes can’t find the words.

People say they can’t understand me.

Courtney Caruso, M.S., CCC-SLP

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